Phone: 817-820-2890

Fax: 817-810-0725

1325 Pennsylvania Avenue Suite 560  Fort Worth, TX 76104
Phone: 817-820-2890 | Fax: 817-810-0725

1325 Pennsylvania Avenue Suite 560 Fort Worth TX 76104


As an existing patient, when calling please use the options below.  If you have enrolled in our Patient Portal, you may send and receive communications from your Physician and Nurse in this manner as well.
Option 8:  Billing
Option 7: Nurse Voicemails
Option 6: Medical Records
Option 5: Appointments 
Option 4: Refills and Prescriptions
Option 0: Operator


Please plan to arrive 30 minutes early for your first visit, so that we can complete the necessary registration paperwork and ensure that your records are complete for your appointment.
If traveling EAST on I-30, exit Henderson.  Turn LEFT on Henderson (South) and continue until you reach Pennsylvania Avenue (2nd stop light).
If traveling WEST on I-30, exit Summit/Henderson. Proceed through the first stop light to Henderson.  Turn RIGHT on Henderson (South) and continue until you reach Pennsylvania Avenue (1st stop light).
Turn RIGHT on Pennsylvania Avenue, proceed to the light at 6th Avenue and turn LEFT.  The first street at the crosswalk is Pruitt.  Turn LEFT onto Pruitt and proceed to the Harris Center Parking Garage entrance, located on your LEFT.
If you need assistance with parking, valet service is offered for a nominal charge or is FREE if you have a handicap tag or license plate.  
Once you are parked in the parking garage, remember your floor number.  Take the garage elevator to the ground floor ("G"), walk across the lobby to the Harris Center Physician Office Elevators and go to the 5th floor.  Our office is located in Suite 560.
*****The fee is $1 per hour for the parking garage. *****